Friday, March 31, 2006

Finnally it's done

Today was my last exam for this term, and I really can say, all those emotions I kept away for so long just jump out now and I have to watch out that I don't hurt anybody I like, that I don't hurt anybody at all.
If you hold your feelings back for such a long time, they really can overwhelm you. I'm pretty lucky that I'm pretty calm inside and normally bark but don't bite ;) I will try to have some fun in the next time and calm down a bit, maybe working on getting a better half? who knows...
Next week the next term begins already, new term, new lets see what it brings me this time.
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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The trick is to keep breathing

The past days were always the same, sitting in the university, learning for my exams. At the end you never know what you did with all the time learning all that crap, when you don't know what all those questions mean in the first place, it is disgusting. But maybe that is the way it has to be, I don't know my results yet, still waiting for them. The funny thing is, when you sit there with your colleges, you also talk about other stuff, you even learn for the school of life. People come along, you never seen before, involving you in a conversation that you pretty much enjoy, a face that maybe let you forget about all the trouble you have right now, being in your own little world. I think my past days were I worked pretty hard, wasn't wasted, even if I failed my exams, because I also learned something about life...more than I can actually put in words.
Next week my second term begins, I will see where this leads me to, hopefully not where this picture came of the last one in the cafeteria, isn't that much of a good feeling =)

Monday, March 27, 2006


God, I guess I should be in bed but I felt like writting down what happend so far. As you may noticed, I didn't get the chance to write a lot in the past days, thats just because I was learning for my exams, exspecially for mathematics. The funny thing is, I will write to exams this week. But don't feel pitty for me, it is my own fault, and I surely know that now. I had the chance to graduate in one of the mathematic course a half year ago, but I failed just because I was to lazy to learn for real. Thought, I should have learned for while the lectures were on going, still I was too lazy. We will see where this leads me to, I'm happy when graduate both of them, it would be at least something.
Wish me good luck, I really need it. I still don't have a clue how to graduate in the exam for friday, it is about information technologys, I have to rely on my given knowledge...
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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

All hands on deck!

Today I had the pleasure (again) to go to examination for the Bundeswehr, and had to go through the same sh** like last time, with the result that I have to come back next year the moment I'm physically not able to go there, because I haven't started my training yet, I'm not half as fit as I used to be. I really would like to be an Officer, study in a military university in a much faster and compressed way with a very good chance to get a good occupation even after my service. Who knows, I have one year now to get in a good shape, time will tell if I'm suited for the Bundeswehr or not.
Isn't it a dream of every boy to be a soldier?^^ At least the uniform is impressing everybody, exspecially the girls ;D

Monday, March 13, 2006

I proudly present... virtual family. We are not like any ordinary family, we are NOT ordinary at all. Thought we don't share the same blood, neither are we from the same country.

My sister is a gifted singer and a naturally good person. Her name is petlover4lif aka Sam. Thought I can't share as much time with her as I liked to, I do really like her, I have the feeling like we two don't need to talk like all the time and have to be ashamed when someone just shows up after serveral months^^ There is somehow somekind of natural harmony that we both have, we quickly find topics to talk about and know how to waste our time ;)
Let me put it in plain honest words: I love you my sister, stay away from danger and don't get in any trouble, your big bro could get mad about it =)

And finnally, my mother gorgeoux aka Mirona, one of the most interessting persons I ever talked to in my life, plus one of the wisest persons I know. Just like my sister, I don't feel any shame when I can't talk to her for a while, because when I can talk to her it is always something special, and I think thats the way it is meant to be =) She always has a good advice for me if I think the whole world is falling down on me. In plain but very honest words: Thought we are not from the same blood you are the best mom any son or daugther could wish for. I hope that when you get your own kids (if the time comes^^) that they do know how lucky they are =)

I hope I don't sound too emotional, but I guess I'm just getting older, so have have mercy with a young old man ;D

You as a mayfly

You may find me now in the jungle now. What? Why in the jungle? Because I'm living now as a mayfly here. Giving it a thought, being a mayfly in the jungle, what would it be? I guess it would be something like no one ever expierenced before.
Here your mayfly just lives for 24 hours, but at least for the time being, they have some interessting lifestyle visions of a lot of different people. Have look at it, you may find me in that croud ;)

crazy weekend

Even thought its over I have to think what had happend then. We were just returning from shopping from Duesseldorf, on this snowy saturday evening. I was driving the car, my mother and brother sitting in the back, with nothing special in mind when suddendly this traffic jam infront of us appeared from no where. The funny thing was, that this street was no big street where serveral streets come together, it was just a simple street in the industril area. It was snowing a little bit, and it was pretty dark already, when those cars just couldn't drive up that hill...I couldn't tell why, until I drove just a little bit on that little hill and slipped a little bit to the side, it was undoubtly ice. All streets in my town and around them were frozen. A situation that in my area just happens just every 50 years.
So I tryed to drive up that hill, but as hard as I tryed I couldn't get this car drive in the right direction. I took me some time to figure out that I had to accelerate very slowly and hold a certain speed, something between 10 and 20 km/h. The problem was, that you had do keep on driving to have a controlable drive, so everytime we had to stop for a red traffic sign, there was a chance that we spin around if you gave to much power to the paddle.
The result was, we came home without a scratch after driving for about something less than an hour for a 10 minute way. Thought my veins were running full of adrenaline, I felt just like a very intensive situation, a very long intensive far my biggest challenge in handling a car^^

Photo made by myself with Sony Ericsson k750i

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Sitting waiting wishing

...that you finnally are the next one in line. I don't think anyone likes waiting rooms, exspecially when you have to go to the doctor. Thursday was just one of those days. I just needed a medicine that I have to take, because I have a inherited some minor disfunctions, but nothing very serious. Just something that can be a problem for me in my further life, if I don't react to it right now.
Anyway, I was there, sitting there for a full hour, and my eyes always went from one other patient to the other, trying to think about what kind of problem they have. You think that sounds stupid? You might be right, but somehow reading those magazines about "high society" or those normal magazines about diseases just drive me crazy. I don't wanna feel that old already to think about what diseases I could have when I don't this and that...nobody is meant to live forever, anyway. What also is something that is always funny to see, is that how different the decoration of those rooms are, or even how the office/investigation area looks like. My doc has a lot of Star Trek stuff in his office everywhere on the wall or as a picture...

One other funny thing is, everytime when you are finnally the next in line, you still have to wait for another 10 minutes for the doc to show up. It is just on of those little phenomenons in life that I might never understand...

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(The woman says "..anyone else some ice cream?")

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Music in the radio

I have a little hobby that I take with me since I started accedently. It is moderating a radio on the internet. I startet somehow around 2000-2001, when somekind of a new provider for radios just showed off. It was pretty new, the whole idea was a sensation. You could register for free at the beginning and broadcast for a limited amount of people (I guess it was 16) and limited quality (max 64kbps). Friends started to listen to it and spreaded it around the net, people started to recognize me for a while. The day came and the whole radio became a money thing, you couldn't send private for your friends, because then you would have a pirat channel, these days you have to pay here for GEMA and stuff like that (when you send from germany) to have a real internet radio. So, I came to the point where I couldn't go on with my radio on my very own. I looked for a good radio crew I could hook up with, but most of those radios were just too unreal and with too many stupified rules. I remember one or 2 went inactive when I left and others followed.
But for the first time in my life now, I have a good radio crew I hooked up with, and I have to say it was the best choice I made so far (when it comes to internet radios). I have one show where I broadcast at least once a week every thursday. It is a simple wishbox show with moderation with myself, but the special thing about it is, that the listeners create the radio with their wishes and greetings, so it doesn't feel so distanted like a normal radio where they talk about people who are far away^^

maybe you wanna tune in? contact me in ICQ or YIM
Link to the (german) internet radio I'm part of here
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fet up with physics

Yesterday I had my final exam in physics bridging course, so I can study on in the university in Wuppertal. It wasn't that easy, and I didn't learned that much for the exam as I generally do. It is kinda weird if you know you have to learn but can't bring yourself to the point of doing so. Anyway, I was able to work on 4 of 6 exercise, I thought that was quite okay, so I at least have a chance to get away with that, noone will know how many points I have when I passed...but then I took a look on the website of that creature, that is running that course, and old professor who is simply bored. He had a short comment about how one of the exercises had been worked on in most of students. It was just like he was talking really down on me, even thought he didn't talked about someone specific. He has some way of talking that is making you feel like you are the worst scum that is crossing his way and are just not meant to sit at all in this course. Thank god, there are not too many people like this there. I don't like it if someone is judging you before he really knows you, or doesn't even try to understand your situation, especially when it isn't none of his buisness.

Anyway, I will see where that brings me. If I pass this one, I just have to pass to more in math and english (okay, I will have to work on my gramma a bit, it kinda sucks lately)
Today I started at the math course, 2 courses in a row would be great, more time for my other exams. Next week I have to write another physics exam (that one is at least multiple choice ;D), don't know how I can win that one, I'm simply not good enough for physics :)
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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hiho family, friends and others =)

Hi people, I finnally made it and started a own blog, where I will talk about all the nonsense crap that comes to my mind and just waits to be shouted out^^

It is even so much, that I have noe clue where to start at...maybe I just talk about myself.
You may have realizied that my nick is daColt, but my friends call me criz (spoken just like Chris), I'm a german and studying Information technology. My hobbiess are Badminton, Videogames, Movies, going On Air on the radio and just having a real good time.
In my freetime I try to hang around with my friends or play videogames, just like Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory for the moment. Every week I have at least one radio show on thursday at 9 o'clock p.m. (GMT+1). I normally just speak german on it, but I could maybe also moderate it in english, if enough people ask for it or as a little special ;D
All in all, I'm noone who trys to be the freakin best in everything, I rather try to just do my best and get what I earn for what I have done. I'm no exception to rule and thats fine with me =)

so whats next? We will see, there will be enough posts in the future^^