Saturday, April 08, 2006

Red 5 ready!

Some of you know that I really like to play videogames and stuff like that. Thought, I'm often playing firt-person-shooter, I don't really like em that much. At least not as much as I love Space-shooter ;) Since Star Wars I'm amazed from any kind of space-simulation that is out there. My first games of that kind had been, of course, "SW Rebel Strikes" I and II, and shortly after that "SW X-Wing" and after that one my FIRST real game that I bought, "SW X-Wing vs. Tie-Fighter". You can't imagine how much time I spend on them. Those hadn't been the only games of course! I know almost all of them, the "Wing Commander" series (one of my very favs.), Freespace Series, Decent, Freelancer and of course the X-trilogy (that always had been too complex, but I just couldn't stop trying to master it, still working on X³...). I hope I didn't miss any real big Hit, but listing all here would be quite too much. At the moment I'm a beta-tester for one new hope to revive the space-sim genre, unfornattly my contract forbids me to talk about it or even allows me to tell you what name it has. My hope is that I find enough bugs so the master will be better than this beta.

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