Monday, April 03, 2006

Big event in Solingen

Yeah, even my little hometown Solingen is a place where partys and festivals take place. Just like the jubilee dance gala from one of the biggest dance centers here in Solingen, this weekend. The whole theater hall was filled up with people, dressed in their best clothes with a live orchestra. Allmost every teenager you ask around here, is or had been in this dance center, when he was interessted in learning how to dance or getting in touch with girls in a smooth way.

I never took the chance to really learn how to dance, I was always in a sportclub where I had to fight or play in a team, felt more comfortable that way ;) But my bro was one of the people who were dancing in this theater hall, he looked so much like an adult in his dress, I sometimes forget that we are no kids anymore...

Picture found here.

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