Tuesday, April 18, 2006

First Quizshow ever

Easter is finally over and so is my freetime. I'm sorry I didn't post anything, but I didn't felt like posting. So, to say it in a few words, the thursday music show was okay all in all, the songs had been more quiet all in all, maybe the people are all feeling like depressiv right now. I can't blame them, I'm happy about every hour of sunshine, but most of the time it is raining heavily. Thats why I always push my listeners to wish for some happy songs, so they also get a better mood, thought some of them are taking it too personally and take it more as a critic at their song wishes, but that was never my intention to critizies anyone. What I have played that thursday can be seen here.

So, sunday was a pretty special day for me, it was easter (good food) and at the evening was my first quizshow ever. Just like last week I did the warmup for the show, for something like one and a half hour. I got some questions with answers from Akina, which helped me a lot, thank you for that in that manner. I couldn't have done it without Juby thought, she was helping me out the whole time, and without her it would have been a failure for sure, so thank you thank you thank you Juby =) The questions and answers can be found here (german). I would do it anytime again, it was real fun and a nice experience. Of course, the winner of the quiz didn't just get some virtuall kisses, he even won something, but what? Thats something we can't tell you, 'cause we have a special quizevent running at the moment. Since last week we are having a quiz marathon every sunday evening. The winner of each quiz can choose one out of 7 prices, that include something big and something small (for example a book + coupon). So he never knows what he gets until he has it in his own hands. 2 prices are already gone, 5 left, and nobodoy can tell what in the other packages is. More infos here (german) and the playlist from sunday here.

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