Saturday, April 29, 2006

21st Century Warfare

Many of you guys know that I like to play video games, when you think that is something for kids, you maybe be right, but yes mom, I always going to play video games (always wanted to say this!). Several years ago I read a post on a random site about a tournament for Battlefield 1942 Mod - Desert Combat called 21st Century Warfare, that was about playing in a organist and planned basis. It was so interessting that I just had to sign up. When I went on the teamspeak server and got my rank as a private, my General of the Division I belonged to came up and explained everything to me. At the beginning it felt too military and far away from what I expected. But then I found out that this more out of fun and a little bit of a roleplay of some people, and that was okay to me. In a normal situation, or in a training, the people there just talked to me normal as anyone else, just during battle they had their roleplay on, what always fitted into the game. Thought, back then I was too young to stay up that long, because they played at US times in the late afternoon and evening times, I couldn't play on their training times nor battles. Several years ago, in the year 2004, old enough to decide what is good for himself, I decided with a friend to sign up again and it was just great. We got a warm welcome and had a great time beeing there, it was just the nicest and most organizest community of gamers (of all ages! from 14 to 50) that I had ever seen, even with a lot of nationlaty you could think of, mainly european and american of course. Now I had a half year break from it, to get along in the university and stuff, and it is just great to be back again. I'm now in a division from the coalition (the other side), and most of the "old" members know me as an enemy, thought, they gave me warm welcome. Even the general from this division is one of my old generals under I served as a captain for the airforce (the highest ranked person normally of a company). It was a nice coincedence, and is always good for me, to have someone who knows how I work when I'm new somewhere. Now I'm member of the 4th Battalion Highlanders [4BH] in the company Royal Air Force (RAF) and work as a fixed-wing pilot. When you wanna join me in the battle, no problem, you just need Battlefield 2, and thats it (no fee, no hidden costs).

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